Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy First Father's Day, Daddy!!!

For Father's Day, Mommy took me to have some new pictures made to send to Daddy. He got them in his latest care package, and he said he really liked them. Since he's seen them now, Mommy is putting them here to share with everyone who reads to keep track of how I'm growing. (We had to wait until Daddy got his copies in the mail cause we didn't want to ruin the surprise.)

Daddy, Mommy & I both love and miss you very much. I wish you could be here with us for Father's Day, but Mommy says you will be home in a couple of months and we will make up for it then. We can't wait until you come home and I can show you in person just how big I've grown. I love you and I love when Mommy puts in the video you made for me before you left. Mommy says I grin like crazy when I see the video or hear your voice on the phone. I love you and can't wait to see you again on the day we bring you home.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Months

Dear Jackson,

I can hardly believe that you are already three months old!! Where, oh where did the time fly away to? You are such a sweet boy, and you just get sweeter each and every day.

I'm not quite sure where you get it from, because neither Daddy nor I are very big "morning people" but you are so animated, giggly, and happy in the mornings when you wake up. You usually greet me with that sweet, sweet smile of yours every morning. You almost always have one dimple that shows, but when the smile gets bigger, they both show, and it's the cutest smile I think I have ever seen. You find amusement in the funniest things. I have yet to hear it, but a few days ago, Nana got a true laugh out of you. Of all things, you laughed when she sniffed her nose. We've tried doing it again to see if you will give out that laugh but I still have yet to hear it. You will grin and giggle a little bit, and there are times when I can see that you want to let out the full laugh but you just can't quite do it yet. I will wait patiently for the day when I can hear it for myself.

You are growing bigger and stronger each and every day, and are now weighing in at 16 pounds!! You are getting much better at keeping your head held up and you love to stand up on someones lap while they help support you. Earlier this week, you discovered that the toys on the front of your bouncer seat make the lights and sound start once you hit them. You hit it a couple of times and had this look of amazement each time the lights started. By the third time, you had figured out that your kicks was making it go, and you squealed with delight when it started again. (Mommy has since made a mental note to try & always have the video camera battery charged so future events won't be missed.)

There have been several times now that Mommy has put in the video that Daddy made for your while he was home just after you were born. Each time you look towards the television and sit still, just watching and listening. When Daddy calls and talks to you through the speaker phone, you look at the phone is amazement, as if you are wondering just how he got in there. I know Daddy misses you very much, and he's very excited that he will be home in less than 2 months and will be able to spend lots of time with you.

Every time I write one of these letters, I think about the last one and how much you have grown and changed. It always amazes me how much I love you more and more every day. You are an amazing little person who has changed my life forever. When you look at me with those big blue eyes and sweet grin, I know I will never be able to put into words just how much I love you. I hope by the time you are old enough to read this and understand, you will know just how special and how very loved you are.

Love you always,

Monday, June 15, 2009

3 months old

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two Months

To My Sweet Baby Boy,

It is so hard for me to believe that you are already two months old. These last two months have flown by. Every day, I am amazed by you and the new things you are learning to do. You are spending more and more time awake and alert. As a matter of fact, you are quite the little night owl! Most nights, you don't go to sleep for the night until at least 11...and sometimes midnight. You must have inherited my patience because when it comes to waiting for things (a bottle, someone to respond to your cries and pick you up) you are not very patient at all! You smiled your first real smile about a week ago. Nana actually was the first one to get one out of you, but you gave me one later that night as I was giving you your bottle. There have been several since then, and I'm sure that it's only a matter of time before you are just smiling all the time. Everyone who sees you admires what a handsome little man you are! There are some people who say you look lots like Daddy, while others think you look like me. I can see both of us in you, and it varies based on your facial expressions at the time. Even though Daddy is far away, he still talks to you when he calls. When you hear his voice through the phone, you usually get calm and still while you listen. I've said it before, and I am sure I will say it again, but I love you more than I ever imagined I would. You are truly a blessing to our family, and you are a very loved little boy. Always remember that.

Love You Forever,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New pics

I know it's been a while since I updated here. Truth is, I haven't taken as many pictures as I should be taking. There have been times Jackson is making funny faces or looks especially cute, but if I do have a free hand to grab the camera, by the time I get it, it's usually too late. Most times, I simply don't have the time to take as many pictures as I should. But I have managed to take a few recently, so here they are.

Jackson slept through his big cousin's last soccer game of the season

Jackson and Landon, strapped in and ready to roll to go watch soccer.

I had to take these two pictures to show to Papa's boss and his wife. They bought this outfit for Jackson. It's so cute with the motorcycle on everything, including the shorts!

This one was just Jackson, laying around being lazy.

When we got back to Nana & Papa's after soccer, we tried to take some pictures of the babies. It's a little hard to see in this picture (I hate the delay of taking pics with a digital camera!) but Landon is at the age where everything goes into his mouth. This, apparently includes Jackson. Look closely and you'll see his tongue going back in after he licked Jackson's head. We were all cracking up laughing!

After Landon decided not to eat Jackson's head after all.

Jackson hanging out in his bouncey seat.

In addition to Landon, Dakota and Cheyanne, Jackson has two bonus cousins, Trista and Haley. (I say bonus because usually when I think of step, I think of the whole "evil step-relative" description.) We don't get to see them very often, what with them going to their dad's most weekends, but they did come with Uncle Scott & Aunt Charity this last weekend. They argued over who would get to hold Jackson first.

This is Haley with Jackson

Here's Trista holding Jackson.

Here's Nana holding Landon & Jackson

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holy Growing Baby Boy, Batman!!

Unless he gets sick and needs to see the doctor, Jackson won't go back to his pediatrician until his two month appointment for shots. (Eeeek! I'm sure I will cry as much as he does. My baby has to get shots!) So, I don't have "official" stats for him, but for my curiosity sake and for the baby book, I weighed and measured him. The doctor's office scale is more accurate than mine in the fact that it breaks it down by pounds and ounces. Mine rounds by 1/2 pound incrimates. According to our scale, he weighs around 11 pounds, and according to my measuring, he's now about 20 1/2 inches tall. Now, if you remember his birth stats, you may be thinking wow, he grew 3 1/2 inches in a month. Ehh, not so much. When we saw the pediatrician a couple of days after we were discharged from the hospital, we figured out he was a little shortchanged on his birth measurements. At 5 days old, he measured 18 1/2 inches. I really doubt he grew that much in five days. So, he did grow in the last month, but not as much as it sounds like.

Monday was his one month birthday. I didn't actually get any pictures on the actual day. Before anyone thinks I was slacking on my mommy duties, I must say that Monday was a pretty hectic day. Jackson is usually a very calm baby, unless he's hungry or needs a new diaper. However, Monday he was lots fussier than normal, and he was incredibly gassy. The only comfort he seemed to get was to be held and cuddled. It's hard to take pictures at the same time you are holding him. I did get pictures the day before since it was Easter, so I'll consider that close enough to his one month photo. (Oh, and by the way, once the gassiness was finally gone, he was back to his sweet, usual self.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

One Month

Dear Jackson,

Tomorrow you will be one month old. This last month has flown by, and I have learned so much about you, and about myself. I never realized how much a lack of sleep really wouldn't bother me if it meant I was being woken up to take care of you. I never realized how I could go from really disliking putting laundry away to smiling when I fold your tiny little outfits. I never realized how happy sweet little coos could make me. And, I never realized just how much love my heart could hold.

Parts of your personality are starting to come out. When it's time for you to burp during feedings, and your bottle gets moved, you protest with a sound that's almost growl like. Once I start to pat your back, you usually make a small grunting noise, almost as if you are trying to push the burp out. When you are awake, you usually look around bright eyed, taking in the world around you. You are a very sweet, very good baby. When you cry, I usually know it's because you are hungry, or need a new diaper. Occasionally you will fight going to sleep, but you usually go down without too much of a protest. Some of my favorite moments are the ones when you fall asleep with your head resting on my shoulder. I usually wait with you there for at least a few minutes to make sure you are well asleep before I move you to your bed. Those minutes are the sweetest ones I have experienced.

Happy One Month Birthday, my sweet baby boy.

Love you always,